Charles Restaurant - Dinner Menu

Regional Menu


small salad

Potato-, carrot-, cabbage- and cucumber salad
€ 7.00

Cream of pumpkin soup

Creme fraiche, pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seeds, sourdough crouton
€ 9,00

Main course

Whole trout from the region

Nut butter, lovage, lemon, chive potatoes
€ 23,00

Breaded escalope of veal

Fresh potato- cucumber salad and cranberries
€ 24,00

Bourguignon of domestic pork cheek

Bacon, onion, mashed potatoes
€ 28,00

Swabian Rumpsteak from the region

two types of onion homemade swabian noodles and gravy
€ 32,00


Spinach Ricotta Maultaschen

Tomato consommé, wild mushrooms, wild herbs


Mille Feuille from pome fruit

Apple-pear-quince, caramel pudding, vanilla ice cream
€ 8,00



Poached organic egg

Wild mushroom, fermented garlic, parmesan espuma, sourdough cróuton
€ 14,00

Scottish salmon

Orange-ginger vinaigrette, beet, beet, cucumber, fennel
€ 18,00

Main course

Pumpkin gnocchi

sage butter, parmesan, pancetta, kale
€ 24,00

Mackerel from the sous vide

Fish broth, savoy cabbage, celery mousseline, caper, herbs, walnut
€ 36,00

Roasted venison from Hohenroden

Venison jus, cranberry, polenta, fennel, chestnut puree
€ 38,00

Entrecôte – 350 g

Jus, french fries, Café de Paris
€ 44,00


Vegetables from the oven

Carrot, wild mushrooms, pumpkin, parsnip, pumpernickel, raspberry vinegar
€ 19,00


Poached pumpkin

Coffee Ganache, Homemade Pistachio Ice Cream, Nut Crunch
€ 12,00



German heifer, Allgäu, Dry Aged
500 g
€ 98,00

Entrecote Dry Aged

German, Allgäu,  Dry Aged
350 g
€ 55,00


German heifer, Allgäu, Dry Aged
1050 g 750 g
€ 147,00 € 105,00

Striploin Bone

German heifer, Allgäu, Dry Aged
900 g 800 g 700 g
€ 117,00 € 104,00 € 91,00

Cutlet of domestic Duroc pig

350 g
€ 38,00

Includes the following side dishes and sauces:

Béarnaise sauce Jus Wild mushrooms Multicolored carrots Herb triplets

Recommendation menu

Tatar from piedmontese beef

Cornichons, mustard caviar, Crème fraîche, chives

Pasta di Gragnano

Confit tomato, Peperoni, hijack, Parmesan, anchovy

Local beef fillet

Port wine glace, celery Mousseline, colorful carrots

Gâteau Marcel

Plums, nut crunch, nut butter ice cream

Price p.p.

€ 84,00

with wine trip (0,1 l wine per course)

€ 123,00
Our staff will be happy to inform you of any allergenic ingredients.