Hygiene Concept

We have implemented a wide range of measures at our hotel to guarantee maximum safety for our valued guests during their stay.

Our hotel rooms undergo intensive cleaning and disinfection after every check-out. All touch points, such as elevator buttons, handrails, door handles in public spaces, elevators, gym equipment, and staff rooms are also subject to regular cleaning and disinfection. Our dedicated housekeeping team has received corresponding professional training and support in relation to these processes.
Having received specific training on compliance with all necessary hygiene measures, our team is tasked with reminding our guests of the current rules and ensuring that these are observed.

All hotel rooms are thoroughly prepared by our housekeeping team prior to the arrival of our guests. All touch points, such as door handles, light switches, telephones, remote controls, and all surfaces, undergo thorough cleaning and disinfection every day. The windows are opened during cleaning to ensure proper ventilation. Fresh cloths are used to clean each room.

All tables, chairs, and cruet sets are disinfected by our staff following the departure of each guest. 
Our guests are free to use the mobile coffee machine, and our staff are of course happy to serve tea and coffee at each table. We provide a second drinks station for our guests at weekends in order to keep the number of guests at the buffet as low as possible.
We request that our guests disinfect their hands before entering the buffet area and always remain at least the minimum required distance away from other guests. The route through the buffet is a one-way system featuring a separate entrance and exit that are both clearly identified. All serving cutlery and the display on the coffee machine are disinfected by our staff on a regular basis. 
We request that our guests use cashless payment options where possible. Our card readers are thoroughly disinfected after each use.
We look forward to welcoming you for an enjoyable and safe visit.